Cuba Committee

Episcopal Diocese of Florida

Hola, and blessings to all!

I write to you with great news from the Church in Cuba:The Diocese of Cuba is alive and well!¡Gloria a Dios!Under the sure direction of Bishop Miguel Tamayo, the Church in Cuba has really made a dramatic turn-around and is thriving in his very capable hands.Bishop Tamayo spends 3 months at a time in both Uruguay, where he is also Bishop and in Cuba, where he is interim Bishop for the next 3 years.With the help of his wife Martha López, he handles the job of Bishop of both countries fantastically.He once told me when I asked him what was his secret, that is to say, how he had so much energy to work so hard and keep going so strong.He told me with the enthusiasm of a young boy that he ate well and slept well!I had to laugh out loud at that perfect but simple answer.

Despite the fact that he eats and sleeps well, the job of Bishop of two countries does tend to wear one out, especially one with the dedication of Bishop Tamayo.So the Metropolitan Council consisting of the Primates Andrew Hutchison of Canada and Katharine Jefferts-Schori of the US have at the request of Bishop Tamayo appointed two suffragan Bishops.Those two, Bishop Ulises Agüero of Santiago, Cuba and Bishop Nerva Cot of Havana will be consecrated on June 10th, 2007 at the Cathedral in Havana.Our own Bishop John Howard and the Canon to the Ordinary, the Reverend Gayanne Silver will be joined by Fr. Jack and Tari Watson of Christ Church, Cedar Key at the Consecration.A full report of that momentous occasion will be given after the event.

The Cuba Committee of the Diocese meets about once a month, generally at the Church of St. James in Lake City.The meetings are usually attended by 12-15 people and at the meetings we discuss ways in which we can best help the church in Cuba.We have been able to facilitate many trips to Cuba from groups throughout the Diocese and also to help support the priests by augmenting their salaries.We have been able to do the latter by receiving funds from the Global Missions Catalyst Committee, donations from individual churches and also from money raised at our annual Seafood Buffet dinner held at Christ Church in Cedar Key.

This year’s Seafood Dinner held on May 26th proved to be as successful as the last two dinners raising close to $4000. Mrs. Thelma McCann and her wonderful family provide all of the seafood for the buffet at no cost to the Cuba Committee.Fr. Jack Watson and his wife Tari provide the organizational skills; Christ Church provides the venue, beverages, dessert and volunteer servers to make the dinner a huge success.Our hearty thanks go out to Mrs. Thelma and to all of those labored so intensely on behalf of the church in Cuba.¡Muchas gracias!

If you would like to get involved with the Cuba Committee, please feel free to contact me, Julie Sullivan at the phone numbers or e-mail address listed below. ¡Bendiciones a todos! (Blessings to all!)

325 Market Street * Jacksonville, FL 32202
Chairperson: Dr. Julia Sullivan: Home: 850-878-3754, Cell: 850-980-3503